How to Stay Away From The New Unlabeled GMO Potatoes


Who wants the new GMO potatoes in your shopping bag, anyway?

Probably not the consumers that have been running away from the Monsanto and some other companies’ GMOs like the plague, purchasing organic products at a clip not seen in years.

And it is probably not the potato farmers. The National Potato Council itself, even confirmed that the new GMO potatoes that come from the company J.R. Simplon can cause financial losses in the billions for the farmers in America.

John Keeling, the Potato Council CEO admitted that there is worry about the potential for GMO technology to disturb potato exports valued at $1.6 billion and more. Also, he said that there are needs to be clearly labeled the GMO potatoes, but that hasn’t happened.

Now, the GMO spuds that no one desired have been placed on the store shelves, dangerously untested and unlabeled. Here is what you need to know in order to avoid them.

6 steps to avoid the GMO potatoes

Here we will show you how to identify the GMO potatoes at your grocery store:

  1. Ensure that the bag in the top right corner does not say “fewer black spots”.
  2. Check if the bag says in the top right corner “reduced bruising”.
  3. The bag that is labeled “White Russet Potatoes”
  4. Buy organic potatoes when it is possible
  5. The GMO potatoes will have a link to the website of J.R. Simplot.
  6. Buy Red Russet or some other types of potatoes instead.