How to Spot a Heart Attack 1 Month Before It Occurs

Many people know the symptoms that are showing upcoming heart attack and they can notice it before it occurs. But not many people know its hidden symptoms that can be very important and can help us to notice the upcoming heart attack 1 month before it really happens.

The heart attack happens when there is accumulated too much plaque in your arteries. This can lead in lower blood supply and then to attack. When the heart attack happens the tissues dye because of that deficiency in blood flow that can cause pressure and bad pain. This can be deadly.


Here we will show you some symptoms that can happen up to one month before the heart attack happens, and you should take them seriously.


When the blood arteries are partly obstructed, the heart will get less blood. The result of this is a harder function of your heart, and that will make you feel sleepy and tired all the time.

Shortness of breath

When your heart doesn’t get enough blood, this means that the lungs don’t get enough oxygen. These systems are depending one from another. If you have some problems with breathing, you should go to your doctor because that can be a sign of an attack.


If your body unexpectedly becomes weak, it can be a result of tightened blood arteries that are not permitting a normal circulation through the body. Your muscles didn’t get the needed blood and that can result in lack of energy, even for small activities.

Cold Sweats and Dizziness

The improper circulation can affect the brain also, and that is because the blood flow to the brain is restricted, and this is so dangerous. This can cause cold feelings and faintness. You have to take this seriously because it is dangerous.

Chest Pressure

There is a great possibility that if there are some symptoms of upcoming heart attack that you feel discomfort in the chest. It can be a built-up pressure or a minor pain. This feeling will happen regularly until the attack happens.

Cold or Flu Symptoms

If you have unexpected flu symptoms, those symptoms can be a sign of possible heart attack. Many people who had a heart attack are admitting that they had flu and cold symptoms few days before the attack happens.

What to do now?

You have to visit your doctor as soon as possible if you want to disable the upcoming attack.