Don’t Ignore These 7 Lifesaving Signals that Your Body is Sending You

Every day our bodies are sending us messages pertaining to our overall health. It is good to learn to interpret those messages, because it can help us to pay attention to what the body is telling us about its condition.

Some signals that the body shows us, like the pain, are more evident than others. The pain is a clear sign that something is wrong. Unluckily, most of the signals that the body sends us are much more delicate. Here we will show you some signals that the body sends us and we need to pay attention to.

1. Teeth

The major gateway into the body is the mouth, and because of that it is the first indication of health problems. If your gums bleed when you are brushing the teeth, you probably have some type of gum disease. The gum disease can lead to some other infections in the body, and it is connected to some different medical conditions. The teeth themselves can give some signs of disease or infection as well. Teeth that break or crack can be a sign of acidosis, because the build up of acid can weaken the teeth.

2. Urine

Do you know that the first bladder void in the morning can tell you many things about your overall health? To pay attention to the color of the urine is the most important thing. A straw-colored, lighter urine shows that you are healthy and well hydrated. The darker urine can show that you probably have an infection or you need more water. The amount of urine is also important. When the body is dehydrated it doesn’t produce urine because it holds the water as much as possible. Changes in the color, density or smell of urine is usually the first sign of health problems, and that is because the urine is the by-product of the body removing toxins.

3. Weight

We all lose and gain weight throughout the year, but sudden weight gain or weight loss may be a sign of bigger problems. Sudden weight gain can be a sign of fluid retention and that indicates a problem with your kidneys or heart. If your heart is not functioning properly, it can lead to a build up fluid, usually in the lower legs and feet that adds up some extra pounds. Sudden weight loss is a sign that something can be wrong with the digestive system. When the body can’t break down the nutrients we put in the body, we start to lose weight quickly.

4. Skin

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and it is linked to everything that is going inside of us. If you notice things like dark spots, rashes, streaking, growths, or changes in the color are all indications that something is going on in the body. After showering, take a look at your skin and look for a change.

5. Nails

The texture and color of the nails is a very clear indicator of our health because our dead cells or nails being processed are removed from the body. If the nails start to turn thicken and yellow, that is a sign of a fungal infection. Brittle, thin nails are a sign of calcium deficiencies that can affect different aspects of health. The calcium is an important nutrient in the body, so it is really important to know when you don’t have enough.

6. Body Odor

Everyone gives off a detectable amount of body odor, but the excessive body odor may indicate an infection. Changes in the body chemistry can produce different changes in the body odor. The morning is the best time to assess the body odor, before applying any body scents like perfume or deodorant, and before showering.

7. Hair

Just like the nails, the hair can also show you what is going on inside the body. Changes in the hair color can show high stress levels. Also, a change in the texture of the hair can show that the body is not getting the nutrients it needs. Thinning, dry hair can be a sign of thyroid problems. Thinning hair usually is a sign that something is really going on in the body.

All of these signs that our bodies are sending us are very important and we must pay attention to maintain a high level of overall health.

Source: Organic Health