How the Cannabis Can be Used for Treating Autism in Children

The desperate parents of Alex, who had just 11 years decided to search for help and cure with the cannabis oil. Alex had autism from his 3rd year and couple of times he tried to hurt himself and ended in hospital. He suffers from Tuberous Sclerosis which is a rare genetic disorder that can cause unregulated growth of tissue in the body organs.

Growths in his brain have led to autism. The doctors recommended medicine for calming like Valium, but that didn’t help, until his parents stumbled upon some articles about the treatments for children with autism with medical marijuana. They decided to try this controversial treatment.

The medical experts warned that the effects of the drug on child development are still unknown, but they decided to continue with the treatment with cannabis oil. His parents say that the marijuana was more effective than any other medication that they tried. The parents can’t claim for sure that this oil will help to every child with autism, but their treatment was successful and they want to motivate the other people to try with alternative medicine.

Check out the video about the little Alex.