Honey, Ginger And Cinnamon May Remove Inflammation, Flue, Cold, Cramps, Cancer And Diabetes

The herb teas are the best natural first step of curing diseases. Some people even have green tea instead of meds or doctors. This is actually good, since green tea is awesome for the health, but when we are sick, avoid caffeine teas and have others instead.

This is an article on how to make such teas and fight colds, cramps and diabetes even. This is simple to make, and all ingredients are natural 100%.

These are the easy to follow instructions and you can hurry to the kitchen now.

Honey, ginger, cinnamon tea

Honey, Ginger And Cinnamon May Remove Inflammation, Flue, Cold, Cramps, Cancer And Diabetes


  • 1 ½ cup filter water
  • 1 stick Ceylon cinnamon
  • Thumb size ginger piece
  • 1 tsp organic honey


Heat water in a pan and on low to medium temperature. The ginger is chopped by now as the water boils. When it does, add ginger inside.

Lower  the heat and wait for it to simmer. Add the cinnamon and simmer another 5 minutes. Strain the tea and add lemon juice and honey after is a bit cooled off. Enjoy!

Benefits of this:

  1. Anti diabetes- the cinnamon is a useful spice for diabetics, or those with diabetes 2. Even 1 gr per day, as to experts, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol. Also, it stops further problems like stroke, kidney issues, numbness, heart problems, vision problems.
  2. Flu- this is the enemy of flu. And cold too. It has a lot of gingerol which is antiviral and antibacterial. These fight the flu and colds and the ginger root lessens inflammation and pain in muscles and lungs from various infections. And honey is a power food indeed.

It soothes the lining in the throat and swellings too. No longer cough pain for you.

  1. Less PMS cramps- ginger is beneficial by far for PMS. It inhibits prostaglandins about this matter and thromboxanes. They are the causes for pain in women during the cycle. The ginger root lessens blood flow in Heavy Menstrual Bleeding HMB.
  2. Less nausea- this helps with migrains vomiting and related issues. Parents even give it to kids for sickness on the road or in the morning. Experts claim cancer people are better before chemo with this. Also, ginger helps with digestion and bloated feeling.
  3. Soothed arthritis- University Miami experts said ginger extract is above non-steroidal and anti-inflammation drugs NSAIDs. In their study there were 250 people with knee osteoarthritis. They had ginger for the pain and stiffness, and for discomfort. 40% improved, compared to the placebo.
  4. Natural cancer cure- in a recent study, was shown ginger to kill strange cancer cells in 2 ways; inducing apoptosis (cell death in cancer) or autophagy when sick cells eat themselves literally. So, ginger has shown good results in ovary cancer too.

This natural tea is amazing for the whole body and mind too, so try it right away.

Source: healthyfoodhouse.com