Save Yourself from Heart Attack

recognize-heart-attack-month-beforeMost of the people know how to recognise the heart attack in the moment when it is happening. But not many of them know how to maybe prevent it and notice the symptoms of a possible coming one within a month before it might come.

What actually is happening to our heart before a heart attack? The heart tissue is dying because there isn’t enough blood to supply the heart muscle. Then we feel the pain.  A possible and most occurring reason for this is accumulated plaque on the blood arteries.


These are the some of the symptoms that can be noticed one month before a heart attack might happen.


When the arteries’ walls are getting thicker they don’t allow enough blood to flow through them and the heart muscle doesn’t get enough blood to be properly fed. Also, the lungs will not be able to get enough oxygen and you will experience breath shortage. If you notice something like this and you could not breathe properly, it might the right time to visit your doctor before it’s too late.


You are getting surprisingly weaker, and some things that usually didn’t require too much effort from you now become heavy to do. It’s most likely that your muscles are not taking enough blood and oxygen. Also, the whole circulation has slowed down, so your muscles became  weaker and are lacking energy.

Cold Sweats and Dizziness 

If you experience symptoms of having a cold or flu but it actually isn’t, it might be something more serious and you should definitely consider that way. In those moments, if the blood arteries are thicker, then it means that even the brain will get less blood than normal, so it might lead to fainting or impression of having a cold.

Chest Pressure

Feeling a pressure in your chest is the red light symptom. It could be a mild pain or constantly raising pressure. This will continue to occur until the heart attack.

Flu Symptoms

By the experiences of many people who have had a heart attack, it has been stated that the most of them experienced cold-alike symptoms in the period before the heart attack happen. So, if this happens to you, you should know that it is better to prevent all the risks and be sure to save yourself on time.

Ways to deal with this:

Best and only way to deal with this situation and to prevent a heart attack to happens is to go to a doctor, regularly, and obligatory when you notice some of the mentioned symptoms above.

Love yourself and take the best care you possibly can, as you deserve it.