The health benefits of eating meat

The meat contains a number of essential nutritious elements which your body needs to perform some important functions.

1. Proteins

The meat is a great source of proteins, which the body needs in big amounts. The proteins play an important part in a number of body functions, including the growth and the development, tissue healing and the creation of immune bodies which fight against the infections.
The meat contains about 20% of proteins and it is considered to be a quality source since it contains all the amino acids. The consumption of meat strengthens the immunity and speeds up the recovery.

2. Minerals

The meat contains a sufficient amount of minerals, especially Iron, Zink and Selene. The body needs the Iron because it creates the hemoglobin which is essential in the transport of the oxygen to the lungs. The Zink speeds up the metabolism and helps for the creation of the tissue, while the Selene is a strong anti-oxidant and fights against fats problems and the problems with other chemicals.

3. Vitamins

The most common vitamins that the meat contains are vitamins A, B, complex (B1,B2,B3,B6 and B12) and D.
The vitamin A keeps the good vision, helps in the bones and teeth development and keeps the skin healthy. The vitamins from the group B keep the central nervous system and improve the mental health. The vitamin D increases the potassium and calcium level, which are essential for healthy teeth and bones.

4. Fats

The fatty acids in the meat which can prevent the dangerous viruses and the possible cancer development. It can increase the body endurance, and are useful for the brain development.