2 Million Dollars are Granted for This Research! This Combination Can Heal Cancer!


Some researches have shown that these household items have powerful natural cures. There were granted $2 million for a study to find out the effect of baking soda on the cancer, only because the previous results have been very good.

The rates of cancer are rising very fast, and the need for some alternative treatments is more than obvious. Doctor Marty Pagel that comes from the University of Arizona Cancer Center, on the patients with breast cancer will test the effect of baking soda or sodium bicarbonate. He received a $2 million grant, to find to perform the study, from the National Institute of Health.

Traditional methods can be effective on some cancers but not on the others. We can say the same for many other natural cures. The state of the human body and mind that receives the treatment will show either the method is effective or not. Some things like clean water and organic food. And also is important do they feel and believe that can be cured. All these factors are very important for the treatment.

Some previous studies have shown curious results using sodium bicarbonate on cancer tumors. This gives courage to find some further research. Doctor Robert J. Gillies has already shown how effective is the baking soda in alkalinizing the space around tumors in mice. The same team discovered that the baking soda increases tumor pH and restricts spontaneous metastases in mice with breast cancer. All of these researches and findings are very exciting for the people that are interested in natural cures. Finally, the scientists are taking a natural approach seriously.

Have been shown that the lemon contains some anti-carcinogenic properties like the limonoides that are phytochemicals found in many citrus fruits. The lemon has also anti-microbial effects that have been tested in one research exploring the cancer is fungus hypothesis. The lemons have great effect in detoxification of the body. They can help your body to neutralize the cell-damage from free radicals and also they are very rich in vitamin C. The lemons contain one substance called Limonese that can help you to stimulate lymph flow that is important in removing carcinogens from the body. If your lymph system is weak, the body can easily contract a disease.

Lemon can balance your pH. If you take the lemon and baking soda together, that is one of the safest ways to bring in high alkalinity into your system. These powerful combination is able to treat cancerous cells without to destroy any healthy cell in your body. While the chemotherapy destroys all the cells including the healthy cells, and this is the main reason why to stay away from the chemotherapy.

To introduce this drink into your body, mix ½ teaspoon of baking soda with 1 half of a lemon and 250ml of water.

Check for more recipes in order to find the best for you. I have taken this mix when feeling sick or with stomach problems, and it has been successful every time without any side-effects.

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