Do You Know the Meaning of the Half-Moon Shaping of Your Nails?

half-moon-shaping-nailsThe oval circular shape of the nails, the whitish bed nail area is the most important and sensitive nail part and must be protected from any kind of damage whatsoever.

That half-moon is named lunula (in Latin meaning small moon) and it is extremely sensitive. That lunula is a visible nail part of the root nail part and mustn’t be damaged if it is the nails get deformed for life.

But, in case you damage the rest of the nail or if the nail drops off or is removed by surgery – lunula is intact! It is not clear white but it looks that way underneath a nail.

The thumb lunula is most visible, but not with every person. The thick layer of skin, eponychium, that goes around the fingernails and toenails, sometimes can cover the lunula partially or completely.

In the alternative medicine practices, professionals think the lunula reveals important information about the health in general. Let’s say the Chinese traditional medicine claimed that having little of lunula means anemia or bad diet habits like malnutrition, and pale bluish lunula meant potential diabetes. If the lunula is pink or red with spots and smudges, there are heart problems present.

Lack of lunula is actually a small lunula and this means bad digestion or indigestion, and this often occurs during slowed down metabolism or toxins inside the organism.

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