Half Moon Shape Of Nails – What It Means? Read More Below, The Answer Is Amazing.

Nails can signal more than we think, especially illnesses.

Is the term lunula familiar to you? Have you seen the moonish shape under the nails, the white part?

It is not just pigment there. It is really sensitive and must NOT get damaged.

Half Moon Shape Of Nails – What It Means? Read More Below, The Answer Is Amazing.

Here are the important facts about our lunula.

  1. That half moon shape on our nail is sensitive and an important part of the nail.
  2. It is called lunula (small moon in Latin).
  3. It looks white and it is the 5th epidermis layer in the nail, so it hides the vessels under it
  4. It’s visible clearly on the thumb, but on the rest of fingers too. Sometimes if the surrounding skin thickens, it can hide the lunula on the thumb and toenail.
  5. The lunula is the visible root part in the nail. Also, not every lunula is visible to every person. Sometimes if it is damaged, it can be gone forever.
  6. A lot of experts think the lunula has given information about the health. In traditional Chinese medicine practices, lack of lunula means anemia and blue lunula diabetes. If it is smudged, it also means cardio problems.
  7. Lack of lunula or small lunula is indigestion or slow metabolism and toxins in the body.
  8. It is best to see 8-10 lunulas in total. The shape has to be at least 1/5 of the whole nail. The color must be ivory and the whiter, the better. Means more health.
  9. A normal fingernail is glossy, tough, ruddy, restrained, arc shape, smooth. Also the lunula is clear in boundaries and color. On contrary, the health is also not that great.
  10. The lunula normally is 1/5 of the nail plate and has a clear shape and edge. If the shape changes or the color, there is some health issue or other problem. Less lunula is less energy and health, and fatigue too. If there is lunula on the thumbs ONLY, means we have less physical health and also might get even sicker.

Source: simplecapacity.com