You Need To Avoid These Habits if You Want Stop Gaining Weight

We do routine activities which we consider to be totally meaningless and with no influence on our weight. But the scientists have come to a different conclusion.

Listening to music while eating makes us eat more. Even when we listen to a classical music, we relax and eat without thinking.

The restaurants play this kind of music on purpose, so that we eat more, order more and spend more. The fast music, on the other hand, makes us eat faster and we finish our meal before even realizing we’re not hungry anymore. It is the same case with watching TV or sitting in front of the computer while eating.

We eat more and more because we don’t pay attention to what we eat and how much we eat.

Eating on our feet makes us have the feeling we consume less food, and it won’t take long before our body asks for more food. Sit on a chair while eating, for a change. You will notice you have much more control over the amount of food you eat.

Eating a little bit of everything is the worst thing you can do. We consider it as unimportant amount if we eat a little bit of everything. The truth is, by doing that, we eat twice as much than the other ones.