This Guy Was Blinded Because He Made The Simple Mistake A Lot of People Make Every Day

This guy comes from Cincinnati, a city in the state of Ohio, and has something important to share with the whole world!

In fact, this man made a mistake that many people do. Even though you might think that going to bed with contact lenses on is not a big deal, this video will definitely change your mind and make you think twice the next time you think about leaving your lenses on overnight.

Namely, this man didn’t take out his contact lenses before bedtime and thus made a huge mistake. He got an infection which eventually developed in extremely painful one.

He had no other option but to go to the urgent center and have the infection treated. However, the issues with his eye didn’t go away after the treatment. The scar tissue which was left in his eye left him blinded in one of his eyes and unfortunately, there is nothing to do about it. Take a look at the video below for more details.