Use Natural Ingredients to Grow Back Receding Gums  

grow-receding-gumsIn this article, you will read about natural remedies for receding gums and how to grow them back higher to the teeth. Gums are the soft pink tissue protecting the tooth root safe and firm in its place.

If the ends of these gums start lowering below the half of the tooth, that is called GUM RECESSION, the tooth becomes more visible and unprotected. This is how gaps/pockets in between each tooth forms and such gaps are perfect for spreading more bacteria in the mouth.

If the teeth become more exposed and visible, they become more fragile and prone to damage. Not just the teeth, but the gums also are more prone to damage and if this happens more, the teeth will start to fall off.

Often, we neglect this thinking it is normal as we age, and because also this process is slow and not so visible to the eye directly. Recognize the symptoms in order to react timely.

First thing is that the teeth will become hypersensitive to foods and drinks and anything in general. The bigger the size of the tooth, the more the gums recede. Among other signs are the following too:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Toothache
  • Large size of teeth

The gums usually recede because of certain oral health problems and gums diseases, but also by:

Bad oral hygiene

The most common problem is plaque buildup on teeth, and that happens if you don’t brush regularly every day. Calculus is a hard substance which pulls gums down and makes them recede.

Aggressive brushing

If you brush excessively and aggressively, you will damage the fine thin protection of the teeth – enamel and accelerate the gum disease.

Periodontal diseases

These are just bacterial infections that target the gums and alongside destroy the bone of the tooth and its support.

Imbalance in hormones

Most common in women – females are more prone to hormonal changes and problems.


This unhealthy addiction doesn’t just cause serious problems like cancer, and lung diseases, but affects the whole oral health in general. Smokers have more sticky plaque buildup and have their gums damaged quicker than non-smokers.


Sometimes, there is not a direct reason apart from genetics. Some people can be predisposed to have bad oral health. Sometimes on the other hand, direct actions like tongue or lip piercings cause you to hit the metal jewelry against the teeth and damage the gums and even grind the teeth and ruin their shape. Gum diseases also happen from not carefully chewing or biting the food.


When recognized early, this is easily treated. The methods used are tooth scaling/root planning. Your dentist will remove the calculus and then clean any remains around the gum lines.

But, if not recognized in time, there is no other solution option besides surgery. Only with surgery you can remain with your teeth as healthy as possible, i.e. regenerate the bone of the teeth tissue.

There are always natural remedies or techniques that won’t harm you if you try them in attempts to avoid or postpone surgery. If the gum disease is really serious, talk with your dentist first before any other natural alternative.

These following remedies contain spices and herbs, and when combined with good oral hygiene and oil pulling, can help you bring more health to your mouth.

Green tea

This tea is a miracle and healthy for everything – it is loaded with antioxidants that remove the harmful free radicals that cause periodontal problems.

Also, in it there is catechins, a really strong antioxidant that fights off any teeth diseases and at the same time creates a stronger bond between each tooth to the next and the gums below. It reduces the swelling of gums because it is anti-inflammatory as well. Just drink at least 1 cup of this tea per day.

Aloe Vera

This is a really popular herb used for many things, mostly for skin care because it soothes the skin with its anti-inflammation effect. For receding gums though, it’s good because it is anti-bacterial and this means Aloe Vera will remove inflammation in gums and soothe the damaged tissue from further aches.

Usage: The Aloe Vera can be used as mouthwash for rinsing. Just take it and mix it with a bit of water and use it for gargling after tooth brushing. Another option is applying Aloe Vera GEL after you floss and brush, and after that brush once more for 5 minutes. In the end, rinse off.

Oil pulling

Maybe even the best method for this problem. It is best known for treating cavities and prevention of teeth decaying.

It prevents or reduces inflammation, removes toxins and removes plaque too. The sesame oil makes a protection layer over the teeth and this same layer stops plaque from forming on top.

First, you need to warm it up, medium, not too hot. Rinse off the mouth after tooth brushing. The rinsing should last 30 seconds or 1-minute maximum, just to get used to the taste gradually. With time, you can increase the seconds up to even 15-20 minutes!

Coconut oil

Another beneficial oil; it alters the bacteria situation in this area (which is a maicauseer of the problem), and keeps the teeth healthy alongside the whole oral cavity, but most importantly makes the gums grow again. Use it to wash the mouth after teeth brushing. For start, a minute or two is enough, after a while increase to a maximum of 20 minutes.



Another plant known for many benefits. But, the oil extracts from herbs are always more potent than the herb itself, so is the case with this oil too – removes bacteria and germs and stops further decay.

The gum swellings will be removed over time with this oil. It is also anti-inflammatory in effects, but it must be diluted with water, since it is really strong.

Take 1-2 eucalyptus drops in mix with 1-2 tbsp water. The toothbrush should be soaked in this oil and taken straight to the gums. Continue gently massaging them.


For this, you have to get the Myrrh resin of this tree. This method is proven to be effective for oral problems and gum diseases. The best part is that resolves gum recession for a long time, if not permanently.

If you happen to get a resin, take it and pulverize it or crush it to get powder form, or just get powder myrrh. Pour in a bit of water to make it like a paste and just apply on the area of the gums. Gently massage several minutes.

Clove oil

This oil is often used for aching in the teeth. It can fight off many diseases and bacteria normally appearing in the mouth. It reduces swelling too because it acts anti-inflammatory.  Chew a clove after eating your meal; not only for oral health but for fresh breath too.

Take 2 drops of clove oil and massage the gums with it. Do this procedure at least 3 times daily.

For blood clot treatment, do not attempt these methods, instead talk with the dentist first and see the seriousness of the situation.


Whenever possible, try to prevent any health problem. Keep these things in mind:

  • Regular and good oral hygiene
  • NO aggressive brushing
  • Careful with the gums when brushing, instead follow the gum line
  • Gentle strokes when brushing, circular motions
  • Use toothbrush with soft bristles
  • Always use dental floss
  • When you can’t floss or brush, at least use mouthwash


Regular use of this liquid prevents many diseases and oral problems. It should be used at least twice daily, in the morning and in the evening too. You can also make it at home with essential oils.

  • Mix 2 drops essential oil; mint, clove, tea tree, sage, choose and dissolve in1/4 or ½ cups water.
  • Also, diluted hydrogen peroxide can clean the teeth nicely.


Not just needed for survival and keeping the body alive, healthy and hydrated, water is essential for the oral health too. It will remove toxins, bacteria and germs and stop them from spreading furthermore. With water you can rinse off teeth after meals and remove any foods remains, as much as possible.

Good diet

If your diet is full of nutrients, the whole immunity will be improved. Eating a lot of junk food provokes more bacteria growth in the mouth and further complications. Reduce or give up sodas and sugary foods, caffeine, processed foods, flour foods, alcohol because they all cause cavities and corrosion among other things. Instead, eat more veggies and fruits to get more vitamin C which protects the gums and fights off inflammations. Pile up broccoli, pineapples, asparagus, strawberries, oranges…

For any other supplements, consult the doctor first before taking it.

Food that is not healthy is not good for the teeth as well, logically. So, healthier food, healthier body overall completely. These supplements resolve receding gums, or at least prevent them:

  • Vitamin C: boosts immune system and fights inflammation
  • Ginkgo biloba: improves blood circulation
  • Calcium: essential for bone health
  • Zinc: boosts immunity and removes bacteria
  • Coenzyme Q10: helps in growing back gums that are receding, and rejuvenates cells



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