Say Goodbye to Gout! Use This Powerful and Natural Remedy

goodbye-gout-remedyThe gout is a complicated illness, like arthritis and is not properly treated often. Sometimes people don’t even notice it with no apparent symptoms or mild ones. But, those who try to treat it know the unbearable feeling of gout.

Gout happens as a result of too much uric acid in the blood, resulting from the waste breakdown of components in the bloodstream that are processed in the kidneys. Gout occurs in attack forms; this happens when the kidneys fail to eliminate the uric acid quickly, so it crystalizes and piles up in the joints.

Most obvious and common symptoms are a sharp pain, tenderness, heat, redness around the joint. This disease is chronic and a lot of people have it, but know nothing about it or are unaware. Many of the gout people refuse to consume the aspirin therapy until the very end. There is another curse too, and natural ones! They affect the tissue just as medicines, if not even better.


1 pineapple

1 cup cherry juice

1-2 tsp turmeric powder


2-3 tsp powder ginger or 1-inch root of ginger



Glass jar and lid


Cut the skin of pineapple to remove the stem. If you desire, use the stem too because it has bromelain in it, but also the use of the fruit is not excluded. Take the fruit and slice it into big or small chunks and blend that mash pineapple adds cherry juice and sprinkle the ginger and turmeric.

Put this mix in the jar and close tightly. Put this jar in the fridge to sit for 10 days.

To have a more sweet taste, add honey if you wish and lay with the amount of the two spices included. This drink has a shelf life of a month more or less, only in the fridge!

Drink it every day.


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