What Goes On If You Eat Eggs Daily?

Eggs are super food, healthy, tasty and cheap too. They are cooked in several ways.

They have antioxidants and amino acids and also iron so opt for raw organic eggs since they have more nutrients and don’t have antibiotics and hormones in them.

Our body can process11 fat acids and they are vital for our body. Eggs have up to 9 useful fat acids and Health Center claims if we have deficit in these acids we might experience loss of muscles, brittle hair and fatigue.

What Goes On If You Eat Eggs Daily?

Eating eggs daily brings you these good things:

  1. Boosted immunity- 1-2 eggs daily removes infections from attacking you due to the selenium in them. Selenium makes immunity stronger and regulates the thyroid work.
  2. Relieving stress and anxiety- they have amino acids that level the serotonin levels and this is responsible for good mood, relaxation and calmness.
  3. Leveling cholesterol- they lower the bad LDL and raise the good cholesterol HDL, even though in 1 egg there is 200 mg cholesterol.
  4. Better bones and teeth- not just the sun, but eggs take care of this too. They have vitamin D that makes stronger bones and teeth, this vitamin also triggers absorbing calcium that protects the heart, metabolism and digestive tract.
  5. Better cognitive processes- in eggs there is chlorine and some studies even proved that deficit to chlorine makes us be impaired for cognition; Alzheimer’s, neurological problems and even dementia too.
  6. Better skin- eggs have vitamin B-complex that makes skin and hair beautiful .also it keeps the liver and eyes working properly. B12 and B2 are the best of the whole B group and keep our nerves healthy.
  7. Better weight loss- eggs keep you full longer and satiated so for breakfast they are the optimal food. You have no cravings during the day and don’t overeat. Studies even stated that if you eat them in the morning, you lose more calories in the day.
  8. Healthy eyes- eggs have 2 antioxidants: zeaxantin and lutein. They make vision better and eyes healthy. They reduce chances of eye problems and cataract or even macular degeneration.

Source: naturalhealthyteam.com