This Energizing Tea Will Clean Any INFLAMMATION

ginger-turmeric-against-inflammation-energizingSo many people make energizing drinks in the morning putting artificial energizers in them. All of these chemicals never end without a negative reaction of the body. But if we think and search a little bit more , we will find that nature provided us natural ingredients to energize ourselves every day and have only positive benefits out of them. As we are part of the nature, they usually taste good to us as well.


These are the effects we need to search  for so to have a good energizing drink:


Green tea and Yerba mate. They contain caffeine that gives us a boost, but not too aggressive. Yerba mate is very powerful plant that contains minerals, antioxidants vitamins and polyphenols and green tea as well gives us antioxidants, it’s anti-cancerogenic and a good booster.

Antioxidants and Superfoods

As a second step, we need to find some superfoods full of nutrients. Goji Berries might e one option. Hibiscus tea as well. Besides the beautiful red color, they are full of Vitamin C.


In this step, we should include the Ginger and Turmeric.During the day, you excersice, jog or walk. This adds stress to your joints and muscles. And even without these physical activities, the body works inside and produce much waste and inflammation that we should clean and boost daily. So, the best way is to start protecting it in the morning.


Most of the energizing drinks provided on the market nowadays are so-called sugar-free, but therefore, they threaten out health. By adding those natural fruits and teas, we give to our drink natural sweetness so we won’t need any extra sweetening .


So, with mixing all those ingredients above, we can make one hell of a powerful drink to keep us energized to bear the gym exercises or other daily routines, and all of that in a natural way.

Here is one recipe you might use:

  • 2  teabags Yerba mate
  • 1 teabag hibiscus leaves
  • 1 teabag filled with green tea and goji berries
  • 1 tablespoon turmeric powder
  • 1 tablespoon ginger powder


Put these ingredients in 8 cups of hot water and leave it to cool down. Then put it in a jar or other glass container that you can close so to seal the air.

Try this once and feel the energy you would never want to loose again.