Release Your Body of Pains by Using This Kitchen Tool

The aluminum foil is an awesome kitchen tool that is used for protecting and preparing food, but now it gets a whole new dimension – this thing is proved to kill different types of pain.

So, if you suffer from several pains in your upper or lower back, neck, knees or shoulder, or if you have an unpleasant pain in your hills that doesn’t allow you to walk properly, then here we have the solution for your pain. All that you need to do is to cut a piece of aluminum foil and apply it to the place where you experience pain.

aluminium foil

You will be really surprised of how the pain will go away in just a very short period of time.

The aluminum foil reflects the biotech that pass through the body in the biological active points and it sends them back to the place where they actually come from – the meridian.

This is very good for the place where you have pain, and to the meridian which it is connected with. So, you can release the body from many pains that you have for a long time.

This method has been introduced years ago by the Russian and Chinese healers and it is explained and investigated in details by Wilhelm Reich, a psychotherapist who was a student of the very popular neurologist Sigmund Freud.

How does this all works?

The procedure of treating the place where the pain is experienced is very simple: you should cut just a piece of aluminum foil and put it on the place from where your pain comes and to stick it with a piece of plaster.

With this treatment you can treat all types of pain in your legs, back, heels, and wrists. The treatment resulted positively in treating rheumatism, sciatica and gout.

With this treatment you can reduce the visibility and the size of scars from some surgical incision. The therapy should be applied for 10 to 14 days, according to the old Chinese healers.

The piece of aluminum foil that is applied on the painful place should be left there for minimum 12 hours or overnight. After 14 days, you need to make a pause of 10 days and then you can repeat the treatment if needed.

The aluminum foil has anti-inflammatory and very powerful effect. You can manage to cure cold with the proper use of the aluminum foil. Wrap your feet in five layers of aluminum foil and in between each layer of foil place a piece of paper or a cotton cloth. Keep the foil for 1 hour and then replace it with another foil after two hours. Make one more pause and repeat the process once again. This treatment should last for one week.