Get Rid of the Flu, Cough, Cold, of Menstrual Pain and Abdominal Pain With this Simple Trick

This is probably one of the most efficient ways to relieve the pain from the alternative medicine. This super-simple method doesn’t require special things.

All that you need to do is to soak a cotton in brandy and put it in your belly button.

This method of healing will allow your body to get rid of the pain and will relax it. This is a very great method that is effective against the colds, flu and sore muscles.

After you have put the cotton ball soaked in brandy in your belly button, put some bandaid or tape over it to keep it in that place.

If you have a menstrual pain, do the same with the cotton ball, but you should stay in the supine position and try to press the cotton with your hands.

If you want to avoid vomiting during travel or to ease the pain in the stomach, you can soak a cotton ball in brandy, push it, then sprinkle it with salt and stick it on the navel.