How to get bigger breasts

A lot of people consider small breasts as a disadvantage. With only a few tricks you can change the visual look of your breasts. When it comes to bra shopping, women with small breasts can have problems as well as the women with big breasts, not being able to find the proper size and shape of a bra. But to every problem there is a solution.


When you shop for a bra, try the push-up type of bra. This type of bra makes the breasts look bigger and add it to the volume. Combine it with tight shirts with an open neckline and sweaters of this kind. You can also combine it with dresses with an interesting detail on the front part, as a flower or a butterfly. Wear light colors, they create the illusion of bigger, i.e. wider. The horizontal design is also great for creating the illusion of bigger. When you choose trousers or skirts, don’t go with striking pieces of clothes which will draw the attention to the low part of the body. The fashion details can play a great role in order to achieve this. Wear clothes that follow the body line, and you can add big and wide belts.

Some other ways to make your breasts bigger, apart from the clothes, is a mixture of fresh garlic juice, honey and powdery curcuma. This can help in tightening of your breasts. After a massage with it, it is recommendable to wear a bra all day and night long.

Your breasts can look bigger, stronger and better shaped with exercise. The doctors recommend exercises for the pectoral muscles. Do exercises at home every day for a few minutes, or join the gym once a week.