Every Night, a Woman Placed Garlic under the Pillow of Her Son. WHY?!

garlic-under-pillowGarlic is considered to be one of the most healthy food items existing- it contains a lot of nutrient factors of great benefit for our health, even too many to count maybe.

 So, garlic should be eaten every day to improve overall health. It is great for almost every problem and resolves most of it; heart problems, liver problems, baldness even. It was even used to cleanse or unclog arteries and make blood healthier and purer. When you have the flu or a cold, if gаrlic is taken it can ease up the symptoms of the illness. There are proofs that it even can help some respiratory complications too.

In ancient Egypt, gаrlic was chewed raw because that way its antibiotic properties were the most efficient?  And all this happened during the Pyramids process of making? The best and most healthy ingredient in garlic is the allicin. When the gаrlic is crushed or pulverized this component becomes even more active than before , but if garlic is cooked this ingredient is destroyed and doesn’t provide you with the same health benefits as predicted naturally.

Always tend to crush the garlic instead of cooking it, after you crush it leave it that way for 15 minutes before eating it. And plus, this way you get rid of the unpleasant odor the gаrlic produces.

Why is garlic sometimes put under the pillow, as the title indicated?

Maybe you have heard that garlic is put under pillows to improve sleeping better at night? Some people even put it in the pockets of clothes for supposedly good luck fortune. Some people even take garlic and rub it across pans and pots to eliminate evil forces and spirits possessions or cleanse the food that might be “poisoned”. So, this might be interesting to try at least. Take garlic and place it under the pillow or in your clothes pocket. Your sleep will be improved and the negativity will disappear from your surroundings. Try it and of course, share it with friends!


Article and Image Source: healthadvisorgroup.com