This Garden Plant Treats Hair Loss

We know – most of you have this plant in their gardens but you probably didn’t know it treats hair loss.

The rosa maris or sea rose is called that way by Greeks and Romans. This was a medicine herb used as cure through history. We know this as rosemary!

In medieval times, this was used for better digestion due to the bitter ingredients. Also it improved blood flow a lot.

It is especially good after some serious health problem, for heart recovery in older people and is best as rosemary wine. Rosemary was crucial ingredient of “Hungarian headwoman” back in 14th c. used by Queen Isabella.

She was 72 and had gout. After a year of consuming this, she no longer had the problem and she again was beautiful as before, that much, that even Polish noble people wanted to marry her.

A recent study showed that rosemary is a strong antioxidant and prevents aging. It has flavonoids in it, improves circulation, makes blood vessels healthy and strong, and gives more blood flow to organs. Traditionally, it was used the most for concentration and focus. Also, to stop headaches and promote hair growing.

This Garden Plant Treats Hair Loss

It relaxes the digestive tract and resolves digestive issues and problems with the intestines like cramps or constipation.

Also, studies showed the extract of rosemary makes more bile juice and this is great for fat loss.

In a study from 1995 was said this herb to be a great diuretic and help in urinating as well as cleaning the toxic liver.

This herb is anti-inflammation beneficial. Also antibacterial and a cure for bronchitis, nose, throat or ear infections.

For outer use, mix the oil with olive oil and cure sciatica, rheumatism or muscle aches.

Put rosemary in bath water and soothe rheumatic pains.

The extract of rosemary improves circulation and it should be applied on the head scalp to stop hair falling. Also, it will remove the dandruff.

Never put this essential oil inside the mouth! Keep away from kids; also nursing/pregnant women should limit this use to a minimum, only in cooking.

This tea removes headaches and is great for rheumatism massage.

For tea, flowers and rosemary leaves are perfect – with this tea you will soothe sbelly cramps, colds, anxiety and headaches.

For those with depression, inhale rosemary tea or its vapor. Muscles will be more relaxed, digestion better and menstruation lighter in cramps.

Below are some things you can do with rosemary

Get one cup of water, let it boil, and pour it to dry rosemary leaves to sit for 15 minutes. Strain with gauze and drink 2 cups daily, morning and afternoon, but never at night since it will keep you awake.

The tincture of rosemary is like this: ½ cup medicine alcohol with 1 tbsp rosemary leaves. Let it sit 10 days before straining.

Every day, in a glass of water put 15-20 drops of this. Or for outer usage, massage it for rheumatic aches, or massage it on hair fall areas.