The fruit with little amount of calories and lots of benefits

It is recommendable to eat eight strawberries a day to satisfy our body needs for daily fruit dose. This amount contains about 50 calories and weight about 150 grams. They are an excellent source of folates, vitamin C, nutritious fibers and plentiful of other elements. If you consume the recommended dose of strawberries, you will do your body a huge favor. A lot of digestive difficulties can be solved with strawberries instead of medications.

The strawberries have painkilling properties – when suffering from headache, eat strawberries.

They also have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and help alleviate inflammations.

Use the strawberries when having high temperature, also for muscle pains.

The strawberries work well against burns.

They reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases.

Increase the metabolism activity and kill the appetite. They are also said to have aphrodisiac properties.

The strawberries are the only fruit that have their seeds from the outside.

Still, one has to be careful with strawberries, since they release histamines which can cause allergic reaction. Therefore, it is important to consume them gradually, especially in the early age.