4 reasons for not having the body you’ve always wanted

Your food regime is excellent, you have a closet full with additives, and you haven’t missed a single practice in the last six months. And yet, you don’t possess the body you’ve always wanted. This is a common problem, actually. There is a tendency of people blaming it on the genetics, or, looking at the magazine photos, people think of those models consuming something that’s not available on the market. There are, in fact, four reasonable reasons why you don’t have the progress you want.

Bad relationship

Bad relationships lead to stress, and there are not much things worse than the stress. This refers to something more than a romantic relationship. We’re talking about arrogant parents, offensive employer, evil co-workers, friends and acquaintances. All of these relationships can lead to stress, which causes body fats accumulation, especially in the stomach area.
Putting end to the bad relationships can be hard, sometimes even seems impossible. You’re stuck with your parents, and unless you change your job, the employer and the co-workers won’t leave on their own. But you can make an attempt not to be surrounded by all the “toxic” people in your life, or ignore them; take a different attitude, all in the favor of your health and happiness.

Your body is sensitive to some types of food

This is a problem indeed. You eat all the necessary things – eggs, lean meat, gluten-free grains, fruits, vegetables; but you still can’t lose those extra five kilograms.
The problem could be a hidden version of some food allergy: type of food your body doesn’t support. This kind of intolerance can cause body inflammation. This is not a classical food allergy manifesting with swollen respiration tracks, but a low-level of inflammation because of which your body doesn’t work properly.

If this is the case and your body doesn’t function properly, the loss of the fats is your smallest problem. You can be intolerant towards every type of food. And when it comes to losing weight, people tend to eat the same food all over again. The more you eat that same food, the more intolerant your body would become to it.

You are polluted

The ecological toxins – such as pollution, cigarette smoke, cosmetics, the metal feeling in the mouth, medicines – are all hidden in the fat cells and have the potential to damage your body. But your body is smart and doesn’t use those fat cells as fuel. If this is not the case, all those toxins will go into your blood flow.

How can we set free from these toxins, and the fats that go with them? You can practice saunas, feet detoxification, therapies for removal of the hard metals in your body. All these methods are friendly and welcomed for your body. But you should consult a specialist before taking any of these measures, so that you know what’s best for you.

You don’t work enough

The fact you’re doing exercises doesn’t mean you use the maximum from it. Most of the people don’t realize how much strength their bodies have. Do you feel relaxed, reading a magazine or talking on the phone while doing cardio exercises on the machine? Do you exercise with the same pace for an extended period of time, after adapting your body to the workout session?

If this is the case, look at the other people around you that seem to have better results than you. They’re probably forcing themselves more, going with faster pace, and constantly trying out new exercises. These are the reasons why these people have better shaped body than you.

It’s not the genes, it’s the fact that you can always do better.