Four morning exercises you can do at home

You have made a decision to start exercising? It is prove that people quit due to their high expectations, so we recommend for you to start slowly.

1. Exercises for back strengthening
  • The muscles in the back are really important for standing straight, stability and make physical activity easier to be done.
  • Lie on the floor and stretch the upper part of the body as much as you can. Repeat the stretching in three series, 15 exercises each, then clutch your hands behind your neck and gradually move the upper part of the body up.
  • While lying on the stomach, fold your arms on the elbows and put your forehead between your palms. Lift one leg after the other up, then both of your legs up, and repeat the whole exercise 10 times.
  • Lie on your stomach and stretch your arms along your body.
  • Put your palms on the lumbar part of the back. Bend your knees, and hold your head so that your forehead is slant on the rug. Move the upper part of your back up and down stretch your arms and legs, then get back to the initial position.
  • It is very important after exercising to repeat the stretching exercises once again, in order to relax your body.

Home exercising equipment

The home equipment can be very practical and effective. You can have a whole aerobic practice at home, with many positive results: activation of big muscle groups, reduction of the under skin fat tissue and calories, strengthening the blood vessels, condition improvement and the whole body endurance. At the same time it reduces the stress, so you can practice exercising after the hard working day.

2. Exercises for the abs

This is a part of the body that during the year gets loosen, so you have to be very persistent if you want to have nice and flat belly.

  • There are numerous exercises for it. Lie on the floor and lift the upper part of the body, whilst the lower part is on the floor.
  • Do a series of exercises with lifting the lower part of the body, and the upper part should stay on the floor. Another possibility is the riding a bike exercise in the air, or a series of exercises in which you lift the upper part of the body towards your opposite leg. In the end lie on the side and lift one leg after another, then switch side and repeat the exercise with the other leg. Do the exercise with the lower part of the body in the air, while the upper part should stay on the rug.


3.  Shoulder exercises
  • We all know that the hardest part is starting with exercises at the first place. But if you consider it as a fun activity, then you’ll like it in time.
  • Fitness instructors say that every exercise is useful until it’s done with pleasure, which is a good way of thinking. If you are a lazy person, not being able to wake up easily in the morning, then we suggest exercises on the floor.
  • Before or after the abs exercises, you can lift your legs in the air, stretching your body as much as you can. Combine the exercises, move your legs behind your head, then ride a bike in the air.


4. Stir your deep muscles
  • Exercises on Pilates’ ball can be really fun. The ball is unstable, so when exercising, we oppose the gravity, by activating a lot of deep muscles. Deep muscles strengthening can be good against back injuries, knees, shoulders and ankles.
  • Sitting on the ball activates the back muscles and the abs. Therefore, in induces the straight back posture.
  • Try jumping up and down while sitting on the ball, at the same time having fun and burning calories.
  • The ball’s volume is quite important, because when you seat on it, the hips and the knees should create a 90 degrees angle.