Forbidden By Law: We Won’t be Able to Buy These Products Anymore

Are you enjoying the potato chips, fries and the other products made by frying? Very soon these products will be forbidden!

All these products contain Trans fats, which very soon will be forbidden, so the products like chips, margarine, donuts and all other products that contain trans fats won’t exist in the form that they now exist.

Trans fats are unsaturated fats with trans-isomer (E-isomer) fatty acids, which can cause many heart diseases, so because of that, many governmental organizations and center for food control are supporting their ban.

Many of these governmental organizations and center for food control claim that the trans fats are not safe for consuming and it is expected to be forbidden in the near future.

The companies that produce products with trans fats have a deadline of 3 years to remove the trans fat from their use, and they should be just used on special occasions and with special permission.

“FDA”, which is the agency charged to control of the quality of food and medicine by the Ministry of Health in the United States of America, proposed ban of trans fats in 2013, but now it is claimed that this decision is valid.

The Ph.D. Director of FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition said that they made this determination based on the scientific proofs and the discoveries of expert panels. Studies show that nutrition and diet play the key role in preventing chronic health issues, like cardiovascular disease and the action from that day goes together with the other FDA initiatives in order to improve the health of the people in America, including the update of the Nutrition Facts label.

Many studies have shown that the trans fats are increasing the level of the “bad” cholesterol” in the blood, and they are decreasing the level of the “good” cholesterol.

Reducing the trans fat consumption could prevent more than 20.000 heart attacks and 7.000 deaths each year in the United States.

Even if all this is applied in the United States in America, it is expected in a short time to be introduced in the Europe.

From 2006, the food producers are obligated to show the amount of trans fat, which reduced their amount in the products for 78 percent.