Foot Reflexology and 7 Pressure Points to Ease the Seasonal Allergies


Do you have spring allergies accompanied with sneezing, sniffling, congestion and itchy, runny nose, eyes and throat this spring? The experts say that this season the allergy is more intense than usual.Foot-Chart

After a very long and wet winter, it seems like everything has bloomed at once. It is beautiful, but if you have sensitivities to pollen, you are suffering from allergies at this moment.

Allergies are the overreaction of your immune system to pollens and some other substances. While they are not very dangerous, for those people who suffer from asthma, the allergies can provoke more serious reactions.

Maybe you have noticed that if you are under a stress when the allergy season comes, the symptoms can worsen. So, anything that relieves the stress will help you to reduce the allergy symptoms.

So, before you decide to take some of those over-the-counter antihistamines that will usually leave you feeling drowsy, and also so many other side effects, we present you one powerful and natural way to find relief.

The reflexology calms your nervous system and delivers you a state of relaxation and deep rest by stimulating the reflex points on your hands, feet, ears and face. There are so many nerves in these areas – just 15,000 in your feet. This is the reason why the reflexology session is very nurturing and soothing, that will leave you feeling energized and clear.

While the reflexology releases the stress and tension, it also affects your glands, organs and every other part of your body, because every part of the body has its related pressure area or point on the hands, feet, ears and face.

The chart here shows some reflex areas/points on the feet that will help you breathe easier if you stimulate them. Use your index finger or thumb and press and hold on each of these 7 areas for 5 seconds.

  • The pituitary or master gland balances and stimulates hormone secretions of all other glands. (center of big toe)
  • The sinuses open up the clogged sinus cavities. (balls of the toes)
  • The thymus gland strengthens the immune system. (upper inner edge of the ball of foot)
  • The solar plexus/diaphragm relaxes breathing and reduces stress. (under ball of foot at center)
  • The ileocecal valve regulates the mucus production. (lower outer edge of foot)
  • The adrenal glands produce cortisol or cortisone to reduce inflammation.
  • Your lungs, chest and bronchial release the congestion. (center of ball of foot)

Stimulating these points or areas will help you to balance the flow of the energy, strengthen the immune system, benefit both chronic asthma and seasonal allergies and promotes overall wellness.

Also, you can use the power of the mind in order to feel better, both after or during a reflexology session. In the deep state of relaxation during the reflexology, you are very receptive to any suggestion you give yourself – it works much like hypnosis. It is a good chance to imagine yourself breathing comfortably and easily with clear sinuses.

Also, you can try the affirmation: “The Universe is providing me with ease, grace and an abundance of breath.” Also, you can use this affirmation since the allergies are the response of our body to our environment: “I am at peace and in harmony with my surroundings.”

Spring can be a great time of new beginnings and renewal, so let’s spend these days breathing easier and feeling great. Reflexology is a good thing that will help you survive this season.

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