Eat These Foods and Remove Inflammation from the Body

Do you have chronic diseases or issues? Then you need to read this article about link between inflammations and diseases that are chronic and try to reduce the risks of it in case you notice some symptoms.

The inflammations that are chronic are more often met these days and they are linked to diseases and their symptoms. Beside regular treatments, you can also reduce further damage and problems by at least changing your diet to a healthier one. What to eat and what to avoid?

Let’s see what is inflammation

foods-inflammation-bodyWith time it was discovered and affirmed how all chronic health issues stem from some inflammations that are not under control anymore. Our body responds to inflammation from injuries or maybe allergies and certainly stress. All these issues cause piling up of toxins that are too much for the body to handle; usually the digestive system is not strong enough for all these toxins to remove them.

Inflammation is basically a natural safety protection of the body and repair too when the body tries to heal itself from injuries. When we have chronic problems the body tries to heal itself, but fails. Chronic issues are number one reasons for extreme fatigue, bad mood or weight problems. Some diseases even show more serious symptoms than this.

What kind of damage inflammation does?

There is one primary explanation firstly, that causes speeding up of aging process and also worsens the risks of stroke, cancer or heart problems.  Also it causes quicker erosion or rifts when the oxidation process is faster.

Best option for less inflammation is with direct treatments: treating infections, allergy prevention, breaking chemistry stimulation or even pressing the nerve. But, if the location is not discovered, in some conditions like inflamed bowel disease or rheumatoid arthritis natural cures can work regardless of normal treatments to stop the inflammation of happening again.

At times, it is not easy to pinpoint all causes, but it is possible. It is much easier to just pay attention to food without spending too much on drugs.

What food can we avoid?

  1. Allergy causing foods

Many people are allergic to certain foods, almost all of us and it is normal; intestine infections, skin issues or irritated throat are common signs and also red eyes. Even simpler allergies like intolerance to dairy can worsen up.

Some foods are known to be certain allergen foods like dairy, wheat, veggies or eggs, veggies like tomatoes, eggplant or potato even. To reduce risk of allergy, try in every way to find the perfect foods for you and check what can you remove from the list.

  1. Fried goods

Deep fried food items have a good alluring smell, but are far from healthy. Firstly, the oil has to oxidate at a high temperature and it changes to a toxic material that mustn’t be in the body. Secondly, the refining process spoils the oil itself or the oil can be  an outcome of a GMO pant. Thirdly, the needed high temperature destroys even the weakest nutrients in the oil, so it is awful for the body overall.

  1. Industrialized foods/processed

Processed foods or changed from the original form also have no nutrients. These don’t give us health benefits at all, and do more harm actually. Snacks, pastries, soups, stews, fast food, cans, fizzy sodas.


How can we reduce the inflammation process?

Other way to reduce this is by eating anti-inflammation foods that eliminate the harm gradually. These include:

  1. Coconut oil- until recently, for this oil was thought to be harmful since it is polyunsaturated oil. But, recent studies showed that it is highly beneficial for the immunity and digestion too. This oil has a lot of medium chain fatty acids easy digestible and used as energy. It is also antibacterial and makes a nice health balance in the body for the digestion process. Also, this oil is not oxidized and removed out of nutrients chains, so compared to other oils it is not harmful and does not create craving for sweets and other harmful foods.

How to eat this oil? Well, cook it, bake it or raw. Even added to healthy drinks is an option. The taste needs more getting used to, but is worth it. Also, keep in mind to always buy raw, cold pressed coconut oil.

  1. Avocado- this fruit is full of nutrients and good fats and oils, does not get you as fat as other oily foods or salad dressings for example. It has monounsaturated fat and it doesn’t worsen the inflammation. It is healthy for blood vessels and keeping up healthy heart pressure. You can add it to a salad instead of regular oil, it will make you feel fuller and won’t cause cravings. Consuming avocado is listed in the 70 habits for great health.

How to eat avocado? Use it in salads or as spread mashed up for toast. If you have weight issues, have half an avocado a day.

  1. Oily fish/omega 3- this food is also high in fat content, but healthy one and it reduces inflammation. The oily fish has a lot of omega 3 fats that produce more hormones for relieving pain or issues like arthritis, fibromyalgia or joint aches. The fish oil also lessens too much blood clotting. Fish offers you a lot of selenium too, a mineral responsible for immunity and antioxidants in the organism.

How to consume? Eat mackerel, salmon, anchovies or sardines. If you need, also take supplements too, but try to add marine fish or freshwater fish above all. Also, plants offer omega 3 too, but not as good as the seafood and fish omegas.

  1. Turmeric- this was proven to be healthy by many studies so far. The active ingredient in it is strong anti-inflammation agent and soothes pain in natural ways. Turmeric is also good for digestion. It is multi used spice for natural cures of any kinds. If you want natural cures from herbs read the e-book Natural Health Revolution Program, to help you find best nutrition, health or weight loss tips.

How to consume? Add it to meat, poultry or veggie dishes, or take the concentration form after you are advised so by a professional and cure serious inflammation.

  1. Dark fruits/veggies- these foods are dark and purple in hues and colors, are antioxidants and prevent damage of too much oxidation or inflammation. The best antioxidant in these foods is in cranberries and cherries for removing knee pain or rheumatoid arthritis.

How to consume these? Eat as much as you can from these foods: raspberries, blueberries, black mulberries, red grapes, cherries, red onion, beets, red cabbage. Again, refer to the above mentioned e-book for more tips.

  1. Ginger- this is a root that is also anti inflammation useful. Promotes good digestion and soothes issue of colic too.

How to eat ginger? Use the fresh root, this is the best option, better than powder for sure. Add it to teas or soups and stews. Slice ginger root and add grated orange or a slice of orange, and cinnamon-honey mix to this as well.


So, in case you have chronic diseases or inflammations, or want to create prevention from them, learn more about foods and detox regimes too.  It is even believed that detox is what keeps you healthy at all times and fight off many health problems because you remove toxins from the body regularly. In the e-book Detox Guide you can learn a lot about doing detox yourself.


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