11 Foods that will make you lose weight

You shouldn’t bring yourself to starvation in order to bring the body in the desired shape. All you need is to eat the proper food that will make you lose weight, making you feel satiated at the same time.


The almonds can be your alternative replacement for chips. They have such a few calories and keep the blood sugar to the recommended level.

Apples and pears:

Some researches have shown that one apple a day prevents the fat build up in the body. Pears contain a sufficient amount of fibers that keep you satiated for a long time.


People who eat beans have thinner waist. The beans have a lot of dissolvable and indissoluble fibers, proteins, carbohydrates and starch, which are resistible to the fats and prevent them from accumulating.


This is a vegetable rich with vitamin C. The cauliflower plays an important role in diets. Gives you the satiety feeling, doesn’t have much calories, and you don’t have the need of too much food during the day, if you consume it.


The coffee increases the metabolism work for 15%, and it has a long-term effect, which lasts up to 4 hours after consuming it.

Parmesan and goat cheese:

Besides having a few calories, they help in the muscular mass formation.


It improves the food taste and prevents the fats accumulation.


Similar to the beans, it prevents the fats accumulation in the body.


The combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats makes you satiated with an optimal blood sugar levels. Those who drink yoghurt can lose up to 61% of the fats.


Besides the fact it is good for your health and for your heart, it melts the fats in the stomach area.


A research proves that the women who eat eggs for breakfast, lose the extra weight twice as fast.