6 types of food that helps you burn calories

No matter how satisfied we are with out body and eight, we, especially the female individuals, are all striving towards getting better shape or finding a way to maintain our body weight, in case we’re currently satisfied with it. Don’t worry about it, there is food that helps you burn calories. There are certain ingredients with strong thermogenic effect, which actually induces the calorie-burning process.


  1. Whole grains: The food rich with fibers, such as the oats and the rise, can burn calories twice as fast than the processed foods. Combine them in your meal at least once a day, preferably for breakfast. If you prefer rise than oats, then cook it individually and don’t use a lot of spices.
  2. White meat: By consuming white meat you will burn 30 % of the calories that the food you combine it with contains, and this happens in the process of digestion. For example, by consuming chicken breasts which contain 300 calories, you will burn 90 of those calories in the digestion process only.
  3. Low-fat dairies: They are rich with potassium and vitamin d, contribute in the muscle mass built-up and they are essential in maintaining the strong metabolism. You can combine them with the oats and the rise, in the morning or in the evening. You can also include them in your afternoon snack.
  4. Green tea: It contributes for faster metabolism, which means, burns calories. By drinking 4 cups of green tea a day will help you burn three kilograms in eight weeks.
  5. Lentils: One cup of lentils contains about 35% of the daily iron intake which the body needs. The lack of iron slows down the metabolism, since the body doesn’t receive what it needs in order to work properly.
  6. Chilly peppers: The capsicum, the same ingredient that boosts your appetite and is the reason why people love the chilly peppers so much, is the one that burns calories additionally. Add more spicy additions to your soup, eggs and salad, those will definitely help you in the calorie burning process.

Try consuming this food which help you burn calories and see what happens to your body. Bear in mind that this is not an overnight process and this won’t help you lose considerable amount of weight, but will only help you maintain your kilograms on a reasonable level.