Food for the brain – A diet for better concentration

All of you who spend a lot of time in front of the computer, studying and receiving big amount of information; you sure do feel like losing your concentration at least once a day. You all need the so-called “food for the brain” – or a diet for better concentration. Not only the physical, but the psychical activity draws your energy, so it’s no wonder if the brain needs “a fuel” every day. According to experts’ words, dried fruits are an excellent source of energy. Because of the low glue chemical index, dried figs and apricots are the richest source. The body receives the energy fast, and there isn’t any blood sugar level increase.  While doing intellectual work, avoid sweet things, since consuming them creates proteoglycans which have negative effect on the brain activity.

“Intelligent” fats

The human brain consists of 60% of fat, so the fat is the essential building component. For proper brain function, most important are the essential fats (omega-3 and omega-6), as well as phospholipids, so-called intelligent fats. The body also needs enough proteins and amino acids daily, which can be found in meat and eggs.

The linseed and the linseed oil, pumpkin seeds and walnuts are rich source of omega-3 fatty acids; and the sesame, the cold pressed sunflower oil and corn oil have a considerable amount of omega-6 fatty acids. One tablespoon of lecithin along with the morning whole grain breakfast will satisfy the daily needs. In order not to force the digestive system and to avoid the loss of energy after the morning breakfast or dinner, the meat and eggs should be combined with more vegetables with low percent of carbohydrates.

Tea for studying

Vitamins and minerals provide you with better concentration and long-term memory. The most important vitamins are B-complex (the red meat and whole grains), vitamin C (fresh fruits and citruses), and the minerals: magnesium, manganese, zynk (kernels and seeds). During the process of studying teas are recommendable, since they contain alkaloids with stimulating effect on the nervous system. Energetic drinks are bad choice, also the coffee, fruit syrups, and juices with sugar and alcohol added.