Follow these 13 Tips if you Want to Make Your Veggies and Fruits Last Longer

Everyone should eat fruits every day. You should always have a bowl of bananas, apples and oranges on the kitchen counter. The fruits are annoying because they seem to spoil so easily. But don’t worry, here we have 13 hacks to make your veggies and fruits last longer.

1. Put the ripened bananas in your fridge

If you put ripened bananas in your fridge, you will stop the ripening process and stop the process of transforming starches into sugars. Don’t panic if when you open the fridge see blackened bananas, that is just the outside. When you peel the bananas you will see that they are fresh.


2. Keep the oranges for longer

The oranges at room temperature last about a week, but you can bump the lifetime up to 2 to 3 weeks in the crisper drawer in the refrigerator.

orange-15047_6403. Make apples last longer

You can put the apples in the crisper drawer, and you can even put on the top one wet paper towel in order to make sure that the apples will retain their crunchy texture.


4. Make your spuds last longer in the winter

If you want to make the potatoes to last longer, keep the potatoes in a dark environment, about 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep them in the basement or something similar. Your potatoes in these conditions can last very long time.


5. Keep the garlic in a dark and cool place

Just like the potatoes, you should store the garlic in a cool and dark place if you want to last longer.


6. Store the lemons in a plastic bag in your fridge

The lemons on the counter can last up to 1 week. If you put them in a Ziploc bag and place them in the crisper drawer, they can last up to four weeks. But, change the humidity level to the lowest for best results.


7. Tomatoes should be out on the counter

Tomatoes are best kept out of the fridge as gas-releasers, because they can lose texture, taste and moisture, and they are sensitive to the cold.

tomatoes-5356_6408. Keep your mushrooms pristine inside the fridge

Most people that are buying mushrooms, they are bought in plastic wrap and Styrofoam packages. This is the best ways to preserve mushrooms and it is important to keep it sealed when you are not using the mushrooms.

mushroom-578615_6409. Separate the fruits and vegetables

Most of the fruits can emit ethylene gas that ripens the vegetables and fruits around it. You think that this could be good for veggies that are not ripe, but if you place them together, you can shorten the lifetime of the veggies, so keep them separate.

fruit-428063_64010. Put the peppers sliced in the freezer

If you want to maximize the lifetime of the peppers, slice them and put them in a Ziploc bag and place them into the freezer.

sweet-peppers-499076_64011. Berries

The berries are very fragile, so it is recommended to keep them spread out, and not to stack them on the top of one another, because they will bruise easily and you will ruin their quality and taste and make them more susceptible to spoiling. Keep the berries in a plastic container.

background-2277_64012. Practice food-timing

Not all vegetables and fruits have the same lifespan. So, when you are buying groceries every week, think about which vegetables and fruits you will need to think about most and which can stay in the fridge or on the counter. Bananas, broccoli, mushrooms and strawberries are between top priority, while tomatoes, oranges and spinach can wait.


13. Wrap broccoli, celery and lettuce in foil before you store them in the fridge.





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