Flush the Kidney Stones in a Month with This Incredible Remedy!

flush-kidney-stones-month-incredible-remedyThe kidneys are among the most important organs in our bodies. They have to get the toxins out of our body as well as any extra sodium or salt inside too. But, they also need to be taken care of and cleaned every once in a while.

They are subjects to hits from toxins and salts all the time, of sand, stones, and other attackers. To stop this in time and prevent buildups of such toxins and materials, detox the kidneys from this.

Now we reveal an amazing homemade recipe for you to make and try

  • Handful coriander or parsley
  • Water



First, take the leaves of parsley or coriander and chop them nicely in big pieces. Place them in a pot or bowl, soak them with water and cover the bowl. Put the bowl or pan on heat to boil for 15 minutes or at least 10. Remove the pan and leave it to cool and after that strain and put in the fridge.


Have one cup to drink of this beverage every day, cold. The urine will be changed; you will notice the color after a few days. This is because the kidneys are cleansing from all the toxic materials.

In addition, make tea from these leaves as well. You will do this by just leaving this mix under a lid for half an hour. Take the dose twice a day for 30 days to achieve results.

To add to this, about the parsley; it is awesome for menstruation pains and cramps. Not just these two herbs only; the kidneys will be rejuvenated after the detox process with fruits like watermelon, lemons, apples. Also, use olive oil too, to help remove the stones more easily.

But, in case you think you have the notorious kidney stones, talk with your own doctor as soon as possible before you drink this homemade tea because it may happen that it doesn’t remove them but only shake them up inside!

Also, remember that for normal kidney functioning, you need An LOT OF HEALTHY FLUIDS AND HYDRATION along the parsley tea. Regardless, this tea has no side effects and it is highly recommended, especially for women, but NOT pregnant women.

Article and Image Source: www.healthyfoodhouse.com