5 Flat stomach drinks

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You are not completely satisfied by the looks of your stomach and waist? You’ve always wanted flat stomach, but you’ve never been able to achieve the desired look? ¬†Do not panic. The easiest and most effective solutions are often the simplest ones. You don’t have to work too hard to have results. We present you several simple and refreshing flat stomach drinks¬†which will help you.



The frappes, when prepared without any sugar added, are an excellent refreshment, and you won’t feel guilt due to the calories intake. The watermelon is a good ingredient for a low-calorie frappe. It is also an excellent hydrant because of the great amount of water it contains. It consists of a lot of medical ingredients, such as lycopene, which prevents the development of cancer. The watermelon also contains the amino-acid arginine, which cuts down on fats and increases the muscle mass.


This drink is an excellent way to get rid of the fat layers accumulated around the waist. The mint tea helps the body in the process of losing the extra fats, induces the digestion of the greasy food and prevents the flatulence.


The pineapple frappe will take you to tropical places, at the same time helping you lose the extra weight and fats, especially in the stomach area. The pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, which helps dissolving the proteins, induces the digestion and prevents the flatulence.


Besides the fact it prevents the cancer and the heart diseases, the grean tea contains catechins and antioxidants, which decrease the fat layers around the waist. If you drink green tea before you work out will help you burn more fats during the workout process.


The chocolate, especially the one with high amount of cocoa in it, can actually help you lose weight. It causes appetite loss and prevents the “hunger attacks”. Besides that, this drink contains u to 400 calories, so it is considered to be a meal more than being a snack in between meals.

You can combine these flat stomach drinks, and if you make it a habit of consuming it, the results will be visible in no time. Enjoy these refreshing and useful drinks.


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