If You Want a Flat Belly, Eliminate These Foods from the Daily Diet

flat-belly-eliminate-foodsDo you want a flat belly and good waistline? You can have it now. It is so simple to burn belly fat in the belly area. Usually, people recommend a lot of water.

To have a healthy diet is important to melt the belly fat tissue. Read more about the dos and donts of these regimes to avoid bloating and belly fat creating.

  1. No dairy food- we know that milk is healthy to drink, but avoid it to have a flatter stomach. This milk intake leads to gases and bloats you. Opt for yoghurt instead plain milk.
  2. No processed foods/sugar/coffee/alcohol- sacrifice yourself and limit the usage of these food items. The processed foods accelerate the fat creating of tissues and piles it up in the belly. The sugar is topping and increasing belly fat burning and creating.
  3. Less use of salt- we add salt to everything according to our taste. But you must have known that too much salt makes you really bloated?
  4. No hot spices- the stomach gets irritated with too many spices. If you eat spicy food you will experience digestion problems and more fat tissue around the waist.
  5. Fewer carbs eating- the carbs that are healthy and in moderation are good for you. But, the bad carbs stop belly fat burning process. Avoid pasta, white bread or sweet foods. Opt for more proteins if you can.
  6. YES to fruits!- this is a super good food that can be eaten always. But, also here you must be careful too. Bananas, apples, pears have a lot of carbs and fructose sugar so too much will not aid in belly fat burning. Add more citrus-like fruits too.

Source: www.myhealthylifeguide.net