Five signs of a poor fit bra

Although not visible, the bra is one of the most important pieces of clothes which should be a symbol of beauty and style in any occasion. Researchers have shown that 5% of the women buy wrong bra, and by that it loses its value. Find out if you belong to this statistics and whether your bra is the right one for you.

Traces on your skin

If you notice that the straps are digging into your shoulders, leaving grooves and marks in only a few hours, it means the bra is too small for you. Find a bigger bra or loosen up the straps.

Wrinkled bra cups

If the cups are all wrinkled, especially noticeable when wearing a tight tang-top, it means your bra is too big for you. The cups are supposed to follow the line of your breasts, and if it is loosen, it wrinkles and loses its shape. Try out a smaller bra or a push-up bra, which lifts the breasts and fills the cups.

Gapping bra

The bottom of the front panel of your bra should always rest flush against your chest. If the bra is gapping, it means that it is too small for you. This is a common problem among women with bigger breasts, and it can be avoided with bigger sized bra. If this doesn’t work for you, search for a bra with more fabric in the bottom part, which resembles the sports bra and covers bigger part of the skin.

Bra lifting on your back

The bra band should fit snug against your back and not feel loose. If this is not the case, the problem usually lies in the short straps. It can also indicate that the bra is too wide for you and cannot provide the support you need for your breasts. Try smaller size and a different model, which would fit better to your body construction.

The swell of your bust should flow smoothly into your bra cups without looking like it’s spilling over. In any other case, it means the cups are too small for you, or too shallow.