Five rules for chocolate consumption

The chocolate consumption can be the cause of the guilty feeling when it comes to food. But here’s a useful fact: If you make the right choice of chocolate, you don’t have to feel guilt at all! Some recent researches have shown that the chocolate is rich with antioxidants called flavonols.

The flavonols protect the arteries and prostate glands, and decrease the inflammations. Those same flavonols can be found in the green tea and certain types of forest fruits.

Rules for chocolate consumption:

Of course there are certain rules for consuming chocolate. Here are the most important ones.

Rule number 1:

The darker the chocolate is the better. Choose a brand that contains at least 70% of cocoa. Most of the people consider the brands with 85% of cocoa as bitter.

Rule number 2:

Read the content of the chocolate carefully! Pay attention on the ingredients such as fructose syrup and hydrogenated fats. These types of fats decrease the health benefits of the chocolate.

Rule number 3:

Don’t combine milk and chocolate. One cup of milk along the chocolate is enough to inhibit the absorption of all the antioxidants. This happens because of the great amount of fats that milk contains.

Rule number 4:

Consume chocolate in small amounts. Limit your chocolate portions on 15-30 grams a day.

Rule number 5:

Be physically active. If sometimes happens for you to consume one bigger portion or two portions of chocolate during the day, then you have to include some exercises in your daily activities.

And now, having these rules in mind, it’s time to enjoy in some chocolate!