Just ONE HOUR After You Eat Big Mac, This Happens to Your Body

Today we will show you what will happen in your body after consuming a Big Mac in one hour. Here you can see the effects of the ingredients in the Big Mac over one hour, separated into periods of 10 minutes.

Image Credits: Fast Food Menu Price

Image Credits: Fast Food Menu Price

Maybe it is a little confusing at the beginning because it shows the very high calorie content – 540 and raising your blood sugar to not normal levels. The calories are not responsible for that raising, it is the carbohydrates in the food. How much the carbohydrates raise the levels of blood sugar, depends on the kind of consumed carbohydrate, or its GI – glycemic index.

Those with a very high glycemic index, like the white bread, are very quickly absorbed and because of that they cause the blood sugar to spike. The complex carbs get broken slowly and don’t affect the levels of blood sugar so quickly.

One Big Mac has 3 slices of bread in it, and in the United States they are laced with high-fructose corn syrup, which is another simple carbohydrate. So, now it seems reasonable that it might drive up the levels of blood sugar, but the things are not so simple. Also, the amount of fat affects how fast those carbohydrates will be absorbed by the organism. Each body is different and we can’t generalize like this. It looks unlikely that consuming a Big Mac would raise the sugar levels in the blood to abnormal and they don’t give evidence for this.

The recipe for the Big Mac is different in every country in the world, so we can’t generalize the things. For example, in the U.K., they don’t use high-fructose syrup, it has a lower content of fat and has 42 calories less.

The thing about the dopamine – the pleasure and reward chemical of the brain – really have truth to it. It has been shown that the junk food causes the dopamine release, and it is addictive. But the junk food is not the only cause of the dopamine release, the general eating can cause its release. One study says that the additional eating might lead to changes in the chemistry of the brain, fueling the addiction.

The Big Macs are not so different to the other burgers, those 550 calories are not so amazing, although that extra sugar in the United States is not desirable. Maybe the most concerning aspect is that high amount of salt, but it varies depending on the country. If you consume a lot of salt that can make you dehydrated, and you can confuse the thirst with hunger. But all that depends on the person. The amount of water that they have consumed and exercise throughout the day can affect this.

So, the Big Macs, just like any other junk food, are not healthy for you, so we recommend you not to eat them daily. But it won’t hurt if you eat it once in a while.

Source: www.iflscience.com