How to find love over facebook

Social networks friendships have indeed become a routine. There are numerous cases where people start relationships via Facebook. Some of those relationships can result into marriages. If you are the kind of person that wants to find their love, even over the Internet, you should keep some things in mind.

The new research points out the right and the wrong things that a person does and by which attracts the attention of the opposite sex on the social networks.

“A photo of a sunny park, trees and a dog can indicate that the person is friendly and caring.

The words that people use on their profile are also an indicator of the true personality. Most of the people on the Internet are looking for new, exciting and interesting people”,  writes Daily Mail.


What men like on a female profile:

  1. A photo with a dog
  2. Natural makeup
  3. A photo in a closed space.
  4. A hobby, such as jogging or yoga.
  5. Open-minded personalities, which would like to visit new places.

What women like in male’s profile.

  1. A photo with a dog
  2. A photo  out in the open
  3. The use of words such as “spontaneous” and “ambitious”
  4. A hobby, such as running
  5. To be open for new ideas and travelling.