FDA Finally Confirms: 70% Chicken Meat in the USA has Arsenic That Cause Cancer!


More than 70% of all chickens raised for meat in the United States are fed 3-Nitro® or Roxarsone – arsenic-containing drug that is usually added to feed to fatten chickens and give a meat from turkeys, chickens and hogs a bright pink tone. The FDA (Food and Drug Administrator) scientists discovered that those chickens feed with 3-Nitro® had in the liver high levels of inorganic arsenic.

The FDA asked Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant, to stop producing Roxarsone. The agency said that it provided recently a study of 100 broiler chickens that found inorganic arsenic at higher levels in the chickens that were treated with 3-Nitro in a comparison to those untreated chickens, according to the Wall Street Journal. Pfizer said that the sale of 3-Nitro would be stopped by July so to allow animal producers to transition to some other methods.

Pfizer pulled Roxarsone from the US stores, but it can renew it since the FDA hasn’t banned the use. But Pfizer sells Nitarsone that is another arsenical drug that is similar to Roxarsone.

In the past FDA confirmed that the arsenic in chickens is safe for eating even though the fact that it has been clinically confirmed that ingested arsenic can be really toxic for the humans, causing Bowen disease, neurological defects in young children and developing fetuses, internal cancer of the kidney, lung, the liver and the bladder, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, adverse pregnancy outcomes and cognitive deficits.

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