FDA Confirmed: Toxic Rotten Meat Being Sold Like A “Fresh”

After you read this post, maybe you will never trust the FDA or the Congress again, let alone corporate the chain grocery stores. The toxic practice makes the decayed and rotten meat look fresh for many weeks and it is banned in a few countries including Japan and the European Union.

Many of the consumers don’t know that more than 70 percent of chicken and beef in the Canada and the United States is treated with the toxic carbon monoxide gas, allowed by the FDA, despite the public health risks.

In the Congress was introduced a bill that would ask the labeling of meat that has been previously treated with the carbon monoxide, but it was never enacted and this topic was swept completely under the rug.

This practice makes the meat smell and appear fresh even when is contaminated with dangerous bacteria like Salmonella, E. Coli, Clostridium botulinum and Campylobacter.

The Carbon monoxide makes the meat look fresher by reacting with the meat pigment myoglobin in order to create the carboxymyoglobin. This red pigment easily masks the natural signs of spoiled meat like slime and rank odors. The meat that contains carboxymyoglobin will look fresh and red for days or weeks beyond the spoiling point.

While FDA has permitted the use of carbon monoxide, also it has warned of the important safety concern following the use of reduced oxygen packaging, saying that the inhibition of spoilage bacteria is essential because without these organisms, tell-tale signs showing that the product is no longer good for consumption will not happen.

The cooking meat can’t remove the health issues that can happen when the toxins are here, but because of the carbon monoxide, not readily apparent. Even when the contaminated meat is cooked right, some of the toxins can survive.

The acceptance of the GRAS notifications (Generally Regarded As Safe) by the FDA for the use of carbon monoxide in the meat is illegal, just because it ignores the present Federal statutes and regulations.  Exactly because of the ability of the carbon monoxide to disguise the look of spoilage and also to improve consumer deception, the FDA regulations immediately ban the use of carbon monoxide in the meat products.