FDA-Accepted Drug That Destroys Humans Will And Turns Them Into Obedient Zombies

If this sounds just like what we are all witnessing in the American society today, that is happening because the drug companies have turned the scopolamine into an FDA-accepted prescription drug.

The scopolamine drug today is sold like a transdermal patch, it is offered under the name “Transderm Scop”, and it is designed to be put just behind the ear, and on the way permits the scopolamine drug to be absorbed into our bloodstream.

When this scopolamine drug enters the bloodstream, it right away affects the brain by turning a normal person into an auto-suggestion hypnosis subject who obeys and believes anything they hear. If the person is watching MSNBC while absorbing the drug, they may mindlessly come to believe that they have to vote for Hillary Clinton because she is so honest, smart and awesome!

Mix this drug with the effects of widespread antidepressant drug use and mass fluoridation, and you will get a poisonous cocktail of mind-numbing drugs that weakens the free will and turns the people into walking zombies. The Daily Mail reports that this drug blocks memories from forming and turns humans into complete zombies. So, even after this drug goes away, victims have no remembrance as to what happened.

It sounds like what we are seeing today with all that people that voted for President Obama in the 2008 election and the 2012 election. They have no remembrance what they voted for, and also they can’t realize that all of the campaigns of Obama promises were pure lies. The people voted out of submissiveness, not rational thinking, and now as so many of those people who voted for Barack Obama are jobless, with their work hours cut or laid off, they are beginning to come to their senses and ask, “What have I done?”

The mindless obedience now is available as an FDA-accepted pharmaceutical. After all, it is a Brave New World, and you can’t have let the people have their freedom to think, can you?

Check out the video to see the documentary about the scariest drug in the world.

Source: www.naturalnews.com