The Fastest Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight Loss Diet Plan“Fatness” fact

Obesity and weight loss! It’s not just a problem of adults, but many of the children around the world as well. And the rate of overweight people is higher than ever before. We all love food, but one thing is that we don’t move our bodies enough to waste it, second that that food isn’t the one that really nurture us.

Problems coming along with overweight

Overweight is not just our problem in our consciousness about how our body looks alike, but it triggers many inner problems as well, that could really impair our health:

  • Overweight people are at higher risk of developing cardiac problems, diabetes, digestion problems, gout, thyroid problems etc.;
  • Being overweight can cause you psychological stress;
  • Obese people are eating way more than they need. If we resolve the obesity, world hunger could be normalised as well.
How do we overweight

As we said, it’s very easy to gain the weight, but difficult to remove it once we get the habit of eating more. And we all love food. But as well, in some cases, there are other reasons as well. Many people don’t even notice it on time.

Some of the reasons on why we gain weight are:

  • Unregulated lifestyle in means of sleep and eat daily routines. It’s always best to have certain regulated habits that the body can got used to;
  • No physical activity – without it, our body don’t get enough circulation and temperature, or we don’t get enough dopamine as with physical activities, so reach out for the food;
  • Junk food – you should totally forget it. Many times it has been proven how much the junk food put fat around our bodies. Go grab all the vegetables and fruits instead;
  • Processed food – it contains too much sodium for our stomachs and slows down our metabolism;
  • Pastries, bread, fried food – maybe the most important reasons for obesity.
One very relative and individual  question: Are we overweight?

How can we know if we are? Here are some answers that might help us about that:

  • Regular weight checks in order to easily realise if you are gaining weight;
  • Body measurements. Measure and count your waist /hip ratio. For example, for women, it should be around 25%, with 2-3% tolerance. Checking your BPI might confuse you sometimes;
  • Your clothes: they never lie if you have gained weight or not;
  • Did someone tell you that you have gained some weight recently?
  • Ask yourself: Is your appetite constantly increasing over the last period?
Fast and healthy diet plan

So if after all of this you have realised that you might be overweight and have the motivation to lose some weight, here is some support and tips for you:

  • avoid small snacks more than 4 times per day, and have some lemon juice, smoothie or fruits or various salad instead;
  • Start and end your day with a glass of warm water
  • Definitely avoid junk food – sweets, pastries, foods rich in sodium or chemicals and preservatives, fried foods, processed foods, pizza, hot dogs, canned food;
  • Eat cooked vegetarian food;
  • Before meals, find at least 15 minutes to walk, preferably 4 times a day.
  • Eat small meals,  so you could feel hungry more often, or every 3hours;
  • Avoid water during or after meals;
  • Choose a liquid based diet, so one-third liquid, like soups and milk,  and the rest of it solid food;
  • Avoid coffee, soft drinks, and alcohol;
  • Rest your stomach in the evening. Set your time limit when you will stop eating for the day (like 7PM). In case of emergency, grab a piece of fruit or vegetable;


Here is one possible version for your healthy weekly diet:



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