Fast and simple pumpkin diet

For all those who want to lose a few kilograms on an easy and quick way, at the same time purifying your body from the toxins and strengthening your immune system, we recommend the pumpkin diet.

This is a low-calorie vegetable, there’s only 35 calories in 100 grams of pumpkin. Therefore, with 2-3 kilograms of pumpkin you would consume only 1000 calories during the day. The diet consists of baked or boiled pumpkin, divided into 4-5 meals during the day. You can also drink a mix of pumpkin and freshly squeezed orange juice. After the first three days you can gradually include chicken or vegetable soup in your daily menu.

For all those who can’t stand the strict diet regimes, we recommend to replace at least one of the meals during the day with pumpkin. Or, you can implement “pumpkin day” every now-and-then. The pumpkin contains fibers which release us from the feeling of hunger, reduce the cellulite, remove the extra water from the body, and give different, fresh look on your skin. This type of diet is really cheap and easy to follow. The preparation of the pumpkin is also really easy and simple, all you need is the desire.

Good luck and enjoy the pumpkin taste!