Fast and effective detoxification diets

If you need to lose weight on a fast way, try some of these fast fruit detoxification diets. Not only you lose weight with these diets, but you also purify your body from the toxins.

2 days of an apple diet

This diet has no limitations on the amount of apples eaten. You can eat apples whenever you feel hunger. But you are not allowed to eat anything else except apples.

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5 days with the watermelon diet

If you love this fruit, you should choose this diet. You can eat some other fruits and vegetables during the day, but the watermelon should be the most consumed element.

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7 days with the pineapple diet

This diet doesn’t require strict limitation to pineapples only. All you need to do is to make your meals smaller, and whenever you feel hungry, eat pineapple. You will refresh your body and consume a great amount of vitamins.

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