Facts about breast feeding

If you’re a new mom, here are some facts about breast feeding for you! The proper breast feeding means proper development and future physical progress of the baby.

Breastfeeding means food for the baby, and in most cases, the baby gets hungry in every hour. Therefore, it is recommendable to breastfeed your baby in every hour. There is a difference in every baby, indeed. That’s why the mother needs to consult a doctor about the needs of her newborn.

Every baby is born with the mammalian instinct, so the moment it touches its mother’s body, it is searching for her breasts. The mother should learn how to feed her baby properly, without feeling any pain, since it is the commonest reason the mothers decide to feed their babies with powdered milk.

There are a few ways of proper breastfeeding:

-Touch the baby’s lips with the nipple, so that the baby opens its mouth and start receiving milk. You can also place the nipple between the baby’s upper lip and the nose. Before breastfeeding starts, the baby should always have its mouth wide open.

-Touch your baby with your breast, but don’t press it against the baby’s face too strong. IT will accept it as soon as it feels the gentle touch.

-The nipple should be as far as possible from the baby’s lower lip, so that the baby can grab bigger surface, and not to cause any pains for the mother.

Good luck in feeding your baby!