Experts Have Discovered The Real Function Of The Appendix In Humans

For a long time it was thought that our appendix is worthless and causes just troubles and pains. But, experts have found its function and yes, it is redundant of course.

This organ is a safe house for every good bacteria. It reboots the digestion system when we have cholera or dysentery! It was thought that this organ next the large intestine is redundant and not necessary, so evolution made a mistake. Doctors advised to remove the appendix since it is useless, and mostly people just leave it until it causes pain for operation.

Experts Have Discovered The Real Function Of The Appendix In Humans

The Duke University Medical Center experts say that in case of dysentery or cholera, that steal good bacteria of digestion processes, is the case when the appendix acts as a reserve of such good bacteria.

Professor Bill Parker said we do not need these organs per se. if it gets inflamed he says, doesn’t mean we must keep it by any cost! It is a good discovery but we do not want people to keep these organs just because of this discovery.

Nicholas Vardaxis the assistant professor at Department of Medical Sciences, RMIT University, said this Duke University theory is true and logical.

It is an interesting idea and bacteria that can thrive in this place, away from everything else.

It is amazing what has evolution made of us and our organs, even such a commonly useless organ can or cannot be kept.

The bacteria in the appendix and in the gut is the same. So, it is not a life or death if you have it or remove this organ.

It is just a remain of evolutional development. Experts examined koalas and their appendices. They have it much longer than ours.

This helps them in their diets and nutrition for the eucalyptus.

Professor Vardaxis said even though ours is smaller than that of koalas, theirs won’t shrink soon.

Or maybe if evolution does something drastic and we are all surprised. Or maybe if we eat differently than now then maybe the koalas will change as we did.

He even added that the human shrunk appendix is due to our diet and evolution. Some species with big appendix now could mutate if their diet changes, and koalas might get appendicitis just as we can and have it taken out.