No excuses – Simply say “no” when you’re not into the mood for sex!

The headache is the most common excuse among women when they don’t want sex. What women don’t realize is that this is also one of the worst excuses of all. It is clear to most of the men that the problem is not the headache at all, and after a few “headaches” of this kind, their ego would be hurt.

There are other ways for avoiding sex, and the experts recommend that it is better and simpler if you honestly admit you are not into the mood. At the beginning the partner might find it difficult to understand, but once he realizes there are good and bad times, he will come to realize why he’s been rejected.

“One of the key solutions is the conversation”, says the sexual therapist doctor Logan Levkov. “If the woman is not in the mood for sex, and her partner insists on it, he needs an explanation about what causes the lack of desire for sex into the woman’s mind”.

Most of the women would rather make up an excuse instead of telling the truth about their lack of desire for sex.

It would be smarter to use the truth instead of  using the “I have a headache” excuse, for example “I had a really bad day at work and I need an hour for myself”.

Is might sound cruel, but most of the men would understand the woman’s need and provide the space she needs.