Every Time When She Feels Back Pain, She Clips a Clothespin to The Ear! Find Out Why!

We shouldn’t run to the doctor immediately when we feel a little pain or ache. The pains and aches are part of our life, after all.  Instead of doing that, we should control our bodies. This amazing method will provide you minor pain relief just by using the ears.

Helen Chin Lui, a certified reflexologist wrote that each ear has a full reflex map of the whole body, multiple connectors to our central nervous system and rich with nerve endings.

We can’t stretch the back everywhere, and the doctor can’t help with just minor soreness every time, but something so simple like putting a clothespin on the ear? It really sounds crazy, but we have to try it.

This method of relieving the pain should never occupy the place of the doctor’s advice, but we should try this reflexology method, whether with your fingertips or clothespin.

On the picture you can see 6 points on the ear, and each one of these points is associated with a soreness and pain in some part of the body. If you apply a pressure to some spot, you will relieve the aches.


Image Credits: LittleThings / Heeral Chhibber

Look at the 6 pictures to find the body part that is ailing you!