Eliminate Toxins in 3 Days; Method That Stops Cancer, Removes Fat and Water Retention

This is a 3 day regime that changes our diet, makes us crave junk food less and detoxifies us.

The best way to detox and cleanse is this one. With this method, the toxins are flushed out and we have less risk for infections and illnesses.

Detox in 3 days!

  • Stop eating dairy at least 2 days prior this. The body digests this the slowest of all foods so it might be an obstacle
  • The night before the purge, drink 1 dose home diuretic like Dark Forest tea for example, this makes digestion and cleansing better and faster
  • In the morning make a beverage of 2 lemons juice and ½ cup water to sip before breakfast
  • After eating the morning meal, have 1.5 cup grapefruit of pineapple juice since it also has antioxidants that keep respiratory system healthy
  • Between breakfast and lunch, drink 1.5 carrot juice
  • Then drink 1.5 potassium juice from; avocado, bananas, leafy dark greens, beets.
The potassium is a mineral that cleanses and is also good as liquid as it is in solid foods.
  • In the night have 1 cup mucus-cleanser tea right before the dinner. This tea can have ginger, peppermint, rose hips that open up stuffy nasal paths and remove congestion.
  • Before sleeping have 340 ml cranberry juice to fight bacteria in the lungs

These have antioxidants that make blood stronger and urine too.

Do this process the following 2 days as well.

Source: healthyfoodresources.com