8 Tricks for defining muscles that you must know

The extra body weight and obesity are global problems of the people today. Burning of the calories is a difficult task, which along the slow metabolism and ageing make it even more difficult. When starting the process of burning fats, it is recommendable to be informed about the whole process, in order to have the desired result. Here are some facts that will definitely help you in the fight against body fats.


  1. Even while relaxing, your body burns calories in order to provide enough energy for the numerous biological processes, such as breathing, thinking, keeping the body warm e.t.c. But there is a difference in the number of burnt calories and fats while relaxing. 500 grams of muscle mass burns about 60 kcal a day for body maintenance, while 500 grams of fat burns considerably less calories-about 4 a day. The bottom line is – the more muscle mass you have, the easier would be burning of the fats for you.
  2. When trying to burn the extra fats of your body, you should decrease your daily calories intake. It is important for you to choose the food wisely, as well as the meal times of the day. The golden rule 40%/30%/30%  (proteins/carbohydrates/fats) can work well for your diet.
  3. The carbohydrates (especially the ones with high glycemic index, such as simple sugars) are the ones who activate the production of insulin in the body. The high levels of insulin will slow down the process of burning fats and will turn the extra carbohydrates into fats. The high insulin levels can also cause feeling of tiredness and desire for food.
  4. One simple way to start burning more fats is to cut down on the daily calories intake is to stop drinking juices and sweetened drinks. People usually find it difficult to limit their food intake, and it is much easier for them to just eliminate the non-alcoholic (sodas and other) drinks and replace them with water, coffee or tea.
  5. If you focus on more proteins intake in your meals, you will induce the muscle build up as well as the effect of burning calories. Your meals shouldn’t be complicated; you can eat one apple and a whey protein shake, or one handful of berries and some cheese. This snack high I proteins will help you in the process of burning fats and will help you in the muscle maintenance.
  6. After an intensive workout, it’s time for consuming most of the recommended daily amount of carbohydrates, and of course, proteins. This is the time when the glycogen into the body is all used up and there is an increased production of anabolic hormones. Your body needs carbohydrates and proteins to renew its energy and give the muscles strength.
  7. The hard work out will induce the process of burning calories with the increase of the muscle mass. The cardio exercises isn’t the right way of burning fats, since you’re losing your body weight, but also the muscle mass-which will make you look really skinny. It is best to include 3-4 weight training exercises a week for best results.
  8. Losing weight with practicing cardio exercises only is not the wisest thing you could do, but it doesn’t mean you should eliminate the cardio exercises completely. They speed up the metabolism and help you burn fats by that. 3-4 half an hour sessions of cardio exercises a week will make dramatic changes in your look.